Hedgehogs class unite!

Well done to everyone on completing the first week of school! I hope everyone is looking forward to coming together as a class.
I think it would be great if the children could bring a packed lunch at least for the first few days to ensure they feel secure with the busy new lunch environment.
If you have a chance over the weekend please take a look at the weekly learning section of the blog to give you a flavour of the kinds of things we will be doing during the week.
Have a great weekend.


Everyone had a great first day!! I have already begun the process for all the children’s lovely photographs to be placed in journals, both online in Tapestry and in books. Please look in your child’s book bag later today for a consent form to sign. This will allow me to post pictures of your child enjoying school onto the blog too!

Hedgehogs Class of 2018, welcome!

Hello, I hope everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy some of the lovely weather we had and that all the children are looking forward to starting school. I have updated the blog and hopefully with a few more days to go, people will be able to explore the blog and follow our wordpress. Please go into the menu and have a look around!

Each weekend I will post in the ‘Weekly learning’ section so parents are reminded of the start days/times etc. If you follow the blog you will receive an email to notify you of any updates to the blog. Any additional questions please feel free to drop me an email. How to join the blog is at the bottom of the ‘letters’ section.

I will be holding a class meeting for all parents on the 11th October at 6pm instead of individual parents meetings. The remainder of the school will attend a parents evening a few days prior to our meeting in place of our home visits.


I look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Viki Shoubridge


A huge thank you to all the parents for my lovely collaborative gift! The kind words in all the cards really do mean a lot to me. It’s great to know that you think I have given the children the best possible start to their school life. As you know, I really do believe it takes a village to raise a child and I’m honoured to be a part of their life journey.

As you know from the speed of this Hedgehog year it goes so fast, so enjoy a great summer and above all have fun together! P.S. The blue tac was a gift from me so they could stick up their Hedgehogs card! They were as excited with the blue tac almost as much as I loved my gift!!! 😉


Yoga session

Tomorrow we will have our final PE session of the term at the rec doing Yoga! Peaches the dog will of course be joining us and Helena has offered this as a free session for Hedgehogs. If any parents would like to help us get changed and then walk us up there, that would be great. Feel free to join us…. although maybe a session with Helena at one of her adult classes may be a wee bit more relaxing! PE kits will be coming home at the end of the day.