The performance!

The children were amazing during our dress rehearsal today! We didn’t have any instrument accompaniment today as poor James Waters was off poorly.
However they all rose to the challenge and carried on regardless.
(True ‘show must go on’ spirit all round!)
Tomorrow David Usher, an amazingly kind member of our community has offered to stand in for James and I am so grateful he will be our pianist at such short notice.
Thank you David.
We look forward to seeing you all at 8.50 tomorrow, please take the children to the back of the church as you did today. If you can help them change that would be great, then take your seats.
We will be serving hot drinks at the end of the performance and we hope as many of you can join us afterwards. If anyone is able to help us walk back to school, please reply/post on the blog. Simply go to comments at the bottom of the page. We will be holding a collection for school and church funds during the service and I would like to thank Paddy and All Saints church again for letting us use the church and putting up with all my diva director demands 😉
See you in the morning!


Dates for the diary

Monday- all remaining costumes to Viki please
Tuesday – complete and return DVD Christmas production form
Wednesday – Meet at the church for Dress Rehearsal (Arrive at the usual time)
Thursday – Performance (Arrive at usual time) 9.15 ish start. Depends how quickly we get changed and ready.
Friday – Christmas Jumper day, Christmas Lunch and Pantomime!


Christmas shopping day

As the PTA letter earlier this term stated, tomorrow is the schools Christmas market! The children will be able to visit the pop up shop the PTA have created in the hall. Here they can choose a present for up to 2 people of your choosing. Each gift will cost £3 and the children will take their money to the hall with a note of who the gift/s will be for. If you haven’t yet filled in the PTA form please bring in the money in an envelope with a note on the front of their name and who the gift/s will be for and I will organise this for you.

It’s a really lovely experience and we hope they will all take part. There are lots of gifts for mums, dads, uncles, sisters etc. At only £3 each they are a bargain. The children also get a free drink and a snack to complete their magical Christmas shopping experience. If only it was this simple in real life! If you have already completed a form the PTA pass these to me before we head off to the shop.


Church again tomorrow! THURSDAY
They will only need water bottles and coats.
See you all there at 8.50am
Once you have your child’s costume, please can you take a photo and email to me. That way we don’t have to have a dress rehearsal before the dress rehearsal! 😉 Thank you!!
I still desperately need help with props, please can you pop and see me if you are willing to help out. It’s nothing difficult…. honestly!


After the Christmas break we will begin asking the children to select their own lunch. In preparation for this please ensure you have discussed what they want each day before you write it onto the board. I know some children recently have been upset that they haven’t been able to have what they wanted so please ensure you have discussed the reasons for choosing or not choosing, certain things. We too will be discussing making good choices in relation to eating.  If you have any specific things you do not wish your child to eat/choose. Please let me know in an email so I am aware. Thank you.