Home learning

Term 1
Here are some fun games for your child to play at home online.

Term 1 will ensure lots of E-Safety teaching for your child and during the Autumn Term we will offer a session for parents too.

Al Start (of Gorrid the Horrid fame) is a singer/songwriter and the children at Danehill LOVE her work! Click on the link to buy Gorrid the Horrid book and CD  HERE

If you need some other CD song ideas for Christmas presents click HERE


Enjoy this harvest song

Join in with this interactive story


Shape patterns

Sort the shapes

Find the missing shapes

Make a shape pattern on the Geoboard

What makes that sound?

Match the letter to the object. Pairs

Match the sounds

Can you find the same musical sound?

Match the colours sorting games

Listen to the rhyme and order the pictures

Watch Incy Wincy Nursery rhyme. Can you sing along?

Challenge yourself Games

Painting-Match the sounds to the pictures

Order the numbered balloons

 Shape games