Windmill trip

I have ordered lunch for each child for tomorrow. If they would like to bring a packed lunch please just get them to bring it in when we return to school. They will need to wear home clothes appropriate for the weather with sensible footwear for climbing lots of steps. Each child will need their water bottle to carry on the trip. No book bags or bags. Thank you. See you at 9am on the forest, once any siblings have been dropped off at school.



Please don’t forget your child’s consent form and money for the windmill if you haven’t already done so already!
Hopefully you all read about your child needing trainers for PE. They will be needed this week please.


Please can I remind everyone to bring in their contribution of £2 towards today’s Yoga.
We’ve decided to stay in school for this and the instructors dog will also be joining us! Everyone is so excited.
If you haven’t yet looked at the date section of Hedgehogs blog please take a look as we are having a busy week. Many thanks.

Visiting the Lambs

On Monday 23rd we will be walking through the woods to visit the lambs that have been born at the top of Coach Lane. Please can you make sure the children have sun-cream and they can come to school for the day in their own clothes for getting in with the lambs!!!! I haven’t even told the children yet as I had to agree with the farmer (The Wickens family as well as wanting to check the weather would continue to be kind to us.) Please let the your child know they will be walking up through the woods… across the Mrs Shoubridge (They’ll understand) and on a little bit further. Please wear trainers or wellies although its not too muddy now, rather than sandals. Mrs Carter, Mrs Filskow and myself will all go with them. Please let them know we will be back in time for school lunch! As we all know that is usually the main concern! 🙂
Please can a parent also put this onto the Hedgehog social media site so we can be sure everyone gets the message.
Cant wait!!! Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, Viki