Week beginning 11th February 2019

This weeks shared texts – You Choose by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt

This week we will begin to learn the text ‘You Choose’. The children will discuss their favourite things and share these with the class. They will collect data on their preferences and learn to record these in different ways.

As it is valentines day at the end of the week they will do some work around heart shapes and will also invite you into class on Thursday afternoon to meet Ali Gale. Ali will jobshare with me as class teacher next term. (More details to follow)
They will hopefully bring home their finished transport models this week too.

Homework mission

Homework mission

We have had one kind parent contribute to this and it would be great if anyone else has a precious old toy they had as a child – or grandparents had please could we borrow them to look at. A brief description would be helpful too. (E.g. This is Fluffy, who belonged to my mum but I played with it as a child.  It is 60 years old and was given to her by her auntie when she was born.) Pictures of games you played or still have too would be really interesting to look at as well please.


10 thoughts on “Week beginning 11th February 2019

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  2. George loves all the home learning games, we have been working through the Maths ones recently, but he has asked if you could put the Geo bands and shapes boards back up again? I cant remember the correct name but I’m sure you know what I mean! Thanks


  3. The site is fabulous, a great tool for us parents! Thank you for taking the time to update it and share the children’s learning experience with us…we especially love the OWL photos!


  4. Brilliant! I am terrorising the boys at bedtime with my old Barnaby bear. He has a ‘Phil Mitchell’ voice and keeps saying he is going to get them! I can assure you the boys love it. I am now questioning my parenting skills 🙂


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