Week beginning 19th February 2018

This weeks learning….

Our shared texts – Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we found some footprints in our outside classroom. We will be finding out where these could have come from and investigating using books and computers to help us. The children will be constructing using recycled materials so please keep these small boxes etc coming!

The children will continue to consolidate their number, counting skills and will continue to record their findings.

The children have created a bears hotel in the classroom to extend their classwork. They are continuing to look at ‘size’ and have begun making a variety of chairs and beds for the bears.

I hope you are finding Parent Pay OK. If you have any questions please do pop into the office and I am sure they will be able to assist. If you have already signed and paid for the trip, Thank you! Please hand these to the office ASAP if you haven’t already.


16 thoughts on “Week beginning 19th February 2018

  1. George loves all the home learning games, we have been working through the Maths ones recently, but he has asked if you could put the Geo bands and shapes boards back up again? I cant remember the correct name but I’m sure you know what I mean! Thanks


  2. No film canisters I’m afraid. We have many other things like bottles etc. that are rocket like, but I’m not sure what your plans are. Can you describe what you plan to do and what other things might be suitable. Don’t want to send Aidan in with a load of old rubbish… Thanks.


  3. I recall some homework based on using adjectives was set, which I thought was due in for Monday. Have I missed the deadline? If not can someone remind me of what it was. Thanks.


  4. The site is fabulous, a great tool for us parents! Thank you for taking the time to update it and share the children’s learning experience with us…we especially love the OWL photos!


  5. Brilliant! I am terrorising the boys at bedtime with my old Barnaby bear. He has a ‘Phil Mitchell’ voice and keeps saying he is going to get them! I can assure you the boys love it. I am now questioning my parenting skills 🙂


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