The performance!

The children were amazing during our dress rehearsal today! We didn’t have any instrument accompaniment today as poor James Waters was off poorly.
However they all rose to the challenge and carried on regardless.
(True ‘show must go on’ spirit all round!)
Tomorrow David Usher, an amazingly kind member of our community has offered to stand in for James and I am so grateful he will be our pianist at such short notice.
Thank you David.
We look forward to seeing you all at 8.50 tomorrow, please take the children to the back of the church as you did today. If you can help them change that would be great, then take your seats.
We will be serving hot drinks at the end of the performance and we hope as many of you can join us afterwards. If anyone is able to help us walk back to school, please reply/post on the blog. Simply go to comments at the bottom of the page. We will be holding a collection for school and church funds during the service and I would like to thank Paddy and All Saints church again for letting us use the church and putting up with all my diva director demands 😉
See you in the morning!


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