Chocolate tombola

The children wear their own clothes tomorrow as a fun way of saying thank you for donating some chocolate for our Christmas fair. Someone will be at the gates to collect your donation. Thank you!



Church again tomorrow! THURSDAY
They will only need water bottles and coats.
See you all there at 8.50am
Once you have your child’s costume, please can you take a photo and email to me. That way we don’t have to have a dress rehearsal before the dress rehearsal! 😉 Thank you!!
I still desperately need help with props, please can you pop and see me if you are willing to help out. It’s nothing difficult…. honestly!


After the Christmas break we will begin asking the children to select their own lunch. In preparation for this please ensure you have discussed what they want each day before you write it onto the board. I know some children recently have been upset that they haven’t been able to have what they wanted so please ensure you have discussed the reasons for choosing or not choosing, certain things. We too will be discussing making good choices in relation to eating.  If you have any specific things you do not wish your child to eat/choose. Please let me know in an email so I am aware. Thank you.

Church-Christmas production rehearsals.

Please remember we will be meeting at the church not at school. They will not need book bags tomorrow. Don’t forget coats and water bottles though.
I will put out the lunch menu outside the church doors and we will open up at 8.50. If you have siblings please drop them at school first and then bring them to the church afterwards. We will walk back to school later in the morning.
Hopefully by the end of the day we will know if we are able to give your child the part they have chosen. We always try to do this although occasionally we have to help them make a second choice as I still haven’t been able to write a play for 3 sets of Mary and Joseph characters! I will try and get the costume letters to you by the end of the week at the latest!

Thank you to all the parents that have signed up to help us walk back. If anyone is interested in helping with props please come and see me!


We had a lovely morning in the woods today making leaf necklaces. It’s tricky to use a needle, count and find interesting leaves but you all did it! We will continue to make these in our outside classroom later on in the week and I will post photos as soon as we have finished them 🙂