Thanks everyone!!

All OWL sessions are now covered. Many thanks everyone. Viki


Please sign up for OWL

Sadly we will be unable to go to OWL tomorrow unless someone is able to volunteer to come with us. We will leave once the children have changed into their blue suits (which we have here) and wellies (to be brought in tomorrow to be kept here.) We wont spend long out this week as it is our first one. Back by 10.15.

Book a session here.


Hopefully everyone has already read the OWL information letter in the ‘class letters section’ of the blog  which will hopefully begin on Wednesday. I will try and remember to hand their OWL bags out tomorrow so you can pop their stuff in there ready for Wednesday. (Sorry I forgot today!) Please sign up to volunteer so we can venture out each week. This can also be found in the same section and done in the way you signed up for the class visits last term. Any technical issues please let me know ASAP and I can try and sort them!!
Many thanks, Viki


Have a great break everyone. I took lots of photographs of the children this term which are safely in their electronic journals but I wanted to share this particular selfie from the party with you! Look who’s photo bombing!! Ha Ha! We’ve not only enjoyed getting to know each other but Lizzie Overton has made a real effort to get to know the Hedgehogs  too. We are really enjoying learning with her and as you can see she fits right in.

Ms O


Don’t forget The children can wear whatever they wish tomorrow! Sorry to the parents that tried to sign up but were unable to. This has been resolved now. (Mr G, I have put you in for 11.15 as discussed and Mr C 10.20 ) There are still a few other slots available so hopefully we can squeeze everyone in 😉


The children and I spoke today about the kinds of foods they think would be good to donate to a charity. If you would like to make a contribution please bring to class in the morning and these will be taken up to the church for us, so the children don’t need to carry them there.

We hope you will be able to join us for a 2.15 start at Danehill church. All children will need to be collected after the service at the church at 3.15pm.  Any part time children are welcome to stay and walk up with the school at 1.45 or simply meet us there if you would like them to take part. Please let me know in the morning.

The children had a wonderful morning at the church last week as you can see from the pictures and are very excited to sing to you at the service!