Week beginning 23/01/17

Our shared text this week is The story Machine by Tom McLaughlin

Across the whole school we will be looking at this gorgeous story book and doing lots of learning around the text. We will make our own story machines begin forming individual stories and enjoy lots of fun writing and creative activities fuelled by this storybook.

I’m sure you will be relieved to hear that Learning Bear has been found so the class can stop worrying about him! Their posters were fabulous and were displayed around the school. The whole school was involved and told about his disappearance. Many older children reassured the class that they were sure he would be ok! So sweet 🙂

I was blown away by how well the children did last week with their work and hope that parents will be able to come and look at their books and the work displayed in the classroom on Tuesday afternoon, just before pick up. Please come to the main office for 2.45 and then meet your child in the classroom so they can show off their fabulous work! I would also be grateful if you can take away a brief questionnaire to complete and return to me as well as writing a comment in their topic book about last terms learning. 

If you are unable to attend on Tuesday please let me know in advance and I will make sure I get the books ready for you to look at home with them if you wish to.


Please continue reading and completing the home/school yellow book as the children are all aiming for a full book worm to receive one of the Superhero certificates. Your support in this has already had such a positive impact on their confidence and ability. For those interested  I will be holding a meeting soon to support parents with this area of the curriculum and will let you know as soon as I have secured a date.


16th January 2017

Our shared text this week is Where’s my Teddy by Jez Alborough

On Monday one of our teddies (Learning bear) goes missing! The children will be creating posters to put around the school to hopefully find him.

We would like the children to bring in their own favourite teddies on Tuesday, to talk about and play games with them. We will be exploring positional language throughout the week such as under, next to, behind etc. They will be placing their teddies in different positions and then giving instructions/directions to each other to try and get to the teddies.

The children will be beginning to compile simple number sentences using the compare bears.

We will be following a simple map during OWL this week and also playing positional games during our hall session.


Our texts this week are I don’t want to wash my hands, The best loved bear and Old Bear

This week we will be looking at changes over time and doing a few science experiments to help with this concept. We will be comparing old/new looking at their own bears as well as older toys. We will be having a go at drawing an older bear recognising and showing his signs of wear and tear.
On Wednesday we would like the children to bring in any teddies that belong to their parents or grandparents (with a little write up to help them talk about them) If you don’t mind we will keep them here for a few weeks but will put them out of reach so no one touches them!! Having an actual old bear is a great way to see how teddies have changed over time. So parents..if you do have a best loved bear we’d really appreciate it and look forward to that from Wednesday onwards!