Reminder, church rehearsal

Don’t forget! Meeting at the church tomorrow morning. If anyone can help us walk back to school at 10.00 please let me know. Thank you.



Week beginning 28th November 2016

Our shared text will be: There’s An Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer

Continuing the theme of where they live, the children will be talking about their daily routines and in light of the story this week, especially their bedtime routines. (I’m hoping no-one has an alligator in their room!) This also leads us into our personal and social circle times where we will be talking about fears/anxieties and discussing ways to overcome them. The children will beginning sequencing events in a day and we will do work on ‘time’ this week. Please continue to discuss 2d and 3d shapes to consolidate the work we began last week.

We were unable to go to the woods last week due to the weather so we are hoping to go on Tuesday. Please make sure the children are wearing tights or trousers on Tuesday.See you on Tuesday 29th.


Homework mission – See if you can find anything in your house that is a cuboid, cube, pyramid, cylinder etc… to bring in for our shape table. I forced myself to eat some smarties so I could bring in a cylinder! Stickers for anyone that finds a pyramid! Square base and 4 triangles. I have hunted high and low but no joy😉

Week beginning 21/11/16

Our shared text will be: The Three Little Pigs

This week we will be looking at where we live. The children will be printing pictures of their houses using 2D and 3D shapes. We will be talking about the shapes attributes and learning some new vocabulary around shapes.
There will be lots of opportunities for acting this week! Not only during our Nativity rehearsals but the children will also be retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs and acting it out together.
Thank you again to Charlie’s parents for our Hedgehog house. We will be making lots of little houses out in the woods this week and setting up the hedgehog house to attract lots of hedgehogs into our outside classroom.
Later in the week we will let everyone have the official letter regarding Nativity parts and outfits but hopefully your child has told you all about it. A few people have offered help to walk back to school after rehearsals but I still need a few more. Please let me know  if you are able to help on either Wednesday or Thursday at 10.00. Many thanks.



Homework mission – Please see if you can spot shapes when you are out and about. 2d such as square, circle, triangle and rectangles etc. On Wednesday we will begin focusing on 3d shapes too, so please see if you can find anything in your house that is a cuboid, cube, pyramid, cylinder etc… to bring in for our shape table. (from Thursday onward please)


Week beginning 14th November 2016

This weeks Learning…

Nationally it is Anti-Bullying week so we will be having a friendship week, planning lots of activities around kindness and looking after each other.  Our story this week introduces kindness as well as beginning our Nativity performance. Hopefully everyone received the email with rehearsal details. If not I will add the letter to the site on Monday morning.
The children will be writing kind messages to each other and making gifts to share. They will talk about feelings and how they feel when someone is kind to them and when someone hurts their feelings. We will discuss how we can address issues around unkind words and how we can look after each other so we all feel safe.
We will continue our phonic work learning our individual letter sounds, digraphs and how to blend sounds together to make words.
Numicon continues to support the children’s counting and addition skills and we will be playing games around addition this week.
When learning independently in the inside and outside environments the children can continue to explore their senses. This week will be sense of touch. We will have lots of activities to support collaboration and team problem solving too.



Homework mission

Please help your child write the shopping list with you. Last week the children helped me to write lists for our vegetable soup and enjoyed writing some of the letters they could hear. For example a c for carrot. If you are feeling super kind, they could choose one thing to add to it, especially if they aren’t very enthusiastic initially. Encourage them to write the first letter or as many sounds as they can hear. You may need to show them what the first sound looks like as many of the children are still learning this.They may prefer to do their own special writing and tell you what it says for you to scribe underneath. Maybe they could try to cross off the things as you buy them? Please bring these in anytime throughout the week.

House photos for next weeks learning….Its not to late to get these photos to me!Please print and bring in a photo of the front of your house if you have not done so already.

Week beginning 7th November 2016

This weeks Learning…

Shared Text: 1. The Dark by Lemony Snicket 2. Stone Soup by Tony Ross

This week we will be exploring light and light sources. We will have fun in the dark, dark house looking through materials to see which ones are transparent or opaque. We will look at how some materials are reflective and discuss how we can stay safe as the days get darker sooner. The children will find out a little about Diwali and how people celebrate different events. Have a safe Bonfire night if you are celebrating this weekend.

I was so proud of the children during our first OWL session. They are a credit to you all. They showed maturity, curiosity and a real enthusiasm.  Whilst in the woods we will make stone soup from a very old story recipe! We will also make our own stone, (vegetable) soup to take with us.

We will continue to use the Numicon to begin adding and will write a shopping list for the ingredients we will need for our soup. Busy, busy, busy.

Finally a MASSIVE thank you to Arthur’s family who have cleared a special area in our outside classroom for diggers and a little writing snug. Also to Charlie’s family who have kindly agreed to make us our very own Hedgehog house!!  Parent and artist, Mary Grant has also kindly agreed to do some work in our outside classroom. We have such a supportive community and I am very grateful for all the help I have been given in assuring we can provide the best education possible for your children.