Week beginning 31/10/16


Shared Text: Funny bones by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Our week begins with a visit from one of the main characters in the story! We will be learning the names of different parts of the body and learning songs to help us remember them. The children will label our Big Skeleton and enjoy lots of activities relating to the story. We even have a dark, dark house!  We will be learning to safely use a variety of joining techniques including split pins, sellotape, stapling, treasury tags and glue.

During our first OWL session the children will use resources gathered to create a large Skeleton. We will also find sticks to use for a whole class bonfire painting. Please remember to bring in their OWL ‘kit’ on Monday or Tuesday so we can ensure everyone can take part on Wednesday. Very excited🙂

The children will  work individually on a small scale to produce firework art and we will be discussing firework safety too.

Our weekly mathematics work will continue by introducing an apparatus called Numicon. Over the term we will carry out lots of activities using this to support them with their number work.

We look forward to a VERY exciting term ahead!



Homework mission – Please print and bring in a photo of the front of your house. These can be brought in over the next two weeks ready for an activity later in the term. Please discuss with them, the name or number of the house and the road you live in.



Hopefully everyone received the email regarding our OWL(Outdoor woodland learning) sessions. If not I have also put it in the letters section of the blog.
I have put the OWL bags in their book bags to be filled during the holidays with the items in the list. Please return these on the first day back so we can make sure everyone has the items they need. Have a great half term!

Hedgehog Party!

Don’t forget it is our party tomorrow (Thursday) to celebrate filling our pasta jar. We have been collecting pasta each time we follow the school rules and I for one am really looking forward to it! Just need to decide on my dressing up outfit!!!!
See you all tomorrow.


Week beginning 10th October 2016

This week we will be looking at the Story of Little Red Riding Hood and discussing extended family members that are important to them, such as Grandparents, cousins etc. The children will be learning the familiar phrases from the story and will use these through role-play. They will also be discussing and looking at how they have changed since they were born.

On Monday morning once you have dropped them off, we will be accompanying Paddy to the church. Here we will begin to familiarize ourselves with the church as on the final day of term all children are invited to stay for the whole day and attend our Harvest service. We hope that you will be able to attend the service that begins at 2.15pm on the 21st October.

The children have really enjoyed our phonic sessions (ask them about Chucky and Susie! They may even sing you their song!) We will continue to learn these sounds and are beginning to find objects that begin with them. Please help your child find things each day to put on our sound table. The order for this week is h,r,m,d,g.
We will be continuing to decorate the classroom for our party with paper chains, bunting and balloons.

Big shout out to the children that took photos of their families, what amazing photographic skills! Its not too late to send these in and I look forward to seeing them. Please continue to check the site for simple, fun homework tasks. These are not statutory but any support you are able to offer outside of school is sure to make a big difference.

Homework mission

Homework mission

Please can you send in a photo of your child when they were a baby as we will be discussing ‘changes’ with each child. Having a visual aid makes noticing these similarities /differences much easier for them. These will be placed into their books at school so please send ones you don’t mind being used in this way.