Homework mission

Please take a look at the updated blog over the weekend and ensure all homework in by Thursday 6th please. 🙂


This week we are staying for lunch!

Apologies but we appear to be having a few technical issues with our Blog. Several parents have tried to join the page but it is still not working. We are looking into this and hope to get you signed up soon!

I have updated the weekly date section of the blog with relevant information for the week. Please take a look!

Mrs Shoubridge

Children staying until 1pm this week

Please remember to pack a school lunch for your child if they are staying for lunch at school this week. Please go to the main office to collect them as we are unable to open the rear gates at this time. We will bring the children out to you.
All children continuing to be collected at 12. Please enter via the wooden gates as usual.

Many thanks and sorry for any confusion on Monday. This amplifies the importance of checking the site every Sunday for the following week. Any ‘updates’ throughout the week will be flagged up via the email if you have joined WordPress.

There are only a couple of parents that haven’t signed up to receive notifications. Please check with friends in the class and spread the word! As soon as I have everyone’s emails I can begin posting photos of the children. There are some great ones and I will aim to do this over the weekend.
Thank you for your continued support!

1st week at school!

Well done everyone! What an amazing start to the term. The children have settled in brilliantly and you should be very proud of them. They are a great class and I am really looking forward to the year ahead.

Next week all children will stay until 12am again. Luckily  a vigilant parent noticed I had accidentally posted an error saying the children were staying until 1pm next week! (Sorry) Because of the confusion, if you would like your child to stay until 1pm next week instead of 12pm, we are able to do this. I have put up a class list outside the classroom  for parents to indicate what arrangements they would like to make for next week.
My apologies again,
Viki Shoubridge