Home interest sheets

In case anyone is up to anything good this weekend, I have added a copy of the home interest sharing sheet (To correspondence section of Hedgehog blog)
If you would like to share anything with us next week, please can your parents fill it in and we will find a time to share at school.
Copies are as always in a basket just inside the door too.
Enjoy the sun!


A yummy treat for the caterpillars!

This week with the arrival of our Caterpillars, we wrote individual Mud Cupcake recipes. Thanks Susie for all your help this week.

We then gathered ingredients….

before setting off to find some good quality mud!

The children then added some extra ingredients to make them just right. Adapting and adjusting them to look as appealing as possible.

Everyone used the Learning Power ‘Imagine Image’ to create some wonderful treats for our new Caterpillars. I’m sure you’ll agree from their faces, our ‘Love Learning’ power is here in abundance.

Snack time at Danehill school looked very different this week! 🙂