Feels like Summer!

Wow Hedgehogs! You were so good at…… speaking, performing, singing, explaining, listening and generally being AMAZING! I’m so proud of you ALL.
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and your families can see how much you’ve developed our learning powers that will help you on your life journey. I have included below the gorgeous afternoon we spent in the Bluebell woods, taking part in some impromptu yoga with Helena Crismani.  If you haven’t taken part in one of her classes yet watch out for them over the holidays. A few of the children had been already, so they were very proud to show off their skills 🙂



Welcome back

MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the parents for support with lifts to and from the farm today. We had such a great time and everyone asked really sensible questions to aid their understanding. I won’t post many photos as we will be looking at these during our assembly in a couple of weeks. (Wednesday 27th)
Sharon Barnard…what a star! Not only did she show us around for free but she gets up several times every night to check on the pregnant ewes. We loved the infrared camera she had to help her. Flossie especially was particularly disappointed we didn’t see any lambs being born but I didn’t think you’d all thank me if we did a night farm trip!!

This weeks OWL was very kindly chaperoned by Cormac Gallagher. We collected a selection of objects of varying weights to take back to school and investigate. The sun was shining and the children found an array of objects of varying shapes and sizes to carry back to school. This follow up work is in their Maths books. If they do any thing at home based on this, please bring into school to go into their Journals.