OWL volunteer list for Term 5

Dear Parents,
I hope you are all enjoying the Easter Break. I have updated the OWL rota. (Found in Termly Curriculum Overview and letters section of the Hedgehogs page) If you are able to volunteer a couple of hours this term we’d love to have you 🙂
I have also posted the new Curriculum Topic web/learning overview for the term too.


They’ve got skills!

What a busy week. Enjoy the photos of our Football skills lesson and this weeks OWL. Many thanks to Brett Moon for his help today especially his good Lollipop ‘person’ skills 😉
Wellies will come home to be aired/cleaned/dried for next weeks Wilderness Wood trip and a letter regarding this, before the weekend. As the weather is on the up, please can children have pumps/trainers or plimsolls for next term so we can do more PE outside. These should be kept at school in their PE bag so we can go out as the mood takes us!

The children hunted for words around the woods and wrote down all the ones they could find. I was particularly impressed with how the children remembered their writing targets even though we hadn’t taken them with us! This writing will go into their journals so look out for them at our Term 5 sharing session.  Please sign up to the site to receive notifications of posts and comment on anything related to your child’s learning.
I hope you are all enjoying the weekly updates and I appreciate all your feedback. 🙂

We’ve been on a bear hunt!

Today we walked all the way up to Tanyard Lane and visited the Gallagher’s woods. We didn’t find any bears but managed to come across most of the terrains they encountered in this weeks story. Luckily no swirling whirling snow storm although I have to say the mud we encountered was more like a ski slope than I expected! I hope no one minded me asking them to wash their child’s suit this week. Thank you I really appreciate it. Please can they be returned for Monday as the Foxes will need them.

We’re Going on a bear hunt, we’re  going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day, we’re not scared. Uh oh, dogs. Brown, excited dogs.
We can’t go over them. We can’t go under them. Oh no we’ve got to go behind them!

Uh oh, mud. Slippery, oozy mud.

Uh oh, a hill. A steep, muddy hill.

Uh oh, bracken! Swishy, tall bracken.

Uh oh, a wood. Aidan’s fun wood. We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We’ll have to stay and drink hot chocolate in it!

Great morning out everyone. Thanks to Kirsty Blair and Cormac Gallagher for braving the terrain!

OWL Explorers

Today we continued ‘exploring’ outside. We investigated trees by looking for different leaves and the different barks they have. We collected and discussed the leaves and did bark rubbings. The children will hopefully have lots to tell you. A big thank you to Anna Taylor who helped  us with our investigations today.