BEDTIME STORIES! We love reading day

The beginning of our learning journey has been very exciting so far!
Please remember that Friday will be a ‘We love reading’ pyjama day and the children must bring in their favourite bedtime story and if they would like to, one of their teddies.  Throughout the term I will be posting photographs of the work we are doing so please remember to check back each week so you don’t miss any info.

If you have not yet returned the induction questionairre please let either myself or the office have this as soon as possible. I have placed a copy of this in the letters section of the Hedgehogs page. Many thanks.


Final week of term info

Thank you to all the children and parents that kindly gave me Christmas presents. They are all under the tree and I am really looking forward to opening them! May I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support. I cant believe your children (and myself) are a third of the way through the first year!! Have a wonderful Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you in 2016!

We had a fantastic Christmas lunch. My favourite part was seeing the look on Margauxs face as she braced herself on the chair to ensure she cracked the cracker!

Your lovely children very kindly made a large Christmas pudding for the Danehill Woodland Elves today! We took a list of ingredients and they each added to the mixture. We put in a 5 pence piece and everyone made a secret wish. We then found a woodland cooker and left it to bake. I think you’ll agree it looks delicious! Please click on the photos to see some added detail. Many thanks to the glamorous high visibility vested Sarah, for her exceptional road marshaling 🙂

Happy Holidays!


A BIG Thank you to Cormac Gallagher for all his help today. We were especially lucky with the weather and managed to escape the downpour. We collected sticks of varying lengths and made little Christmas trees. We decorated them with woodland tinsel and baubles too! All rounded off with a nice cup of hot chocolate, delicious.

Christmas fair and Nativity

Don’t forget! Please bring your child to the church at 8.50 or just after if you are dropping off siblings. We will not begin the service until 9.30 as we will dress, toilet and register the children whilst you are hopefully sitting down with a drink and relaxing before the performance begins! Your children were amazing at the dress rehearsal. I was so proud of them. Hopefully it will all go to plan Wednesday too. Bring a hanky!

This will be on Tuesday Morning due to the Wednesday performance!