Don’t forget The children can wear whatever they wish tomorrow! Sorry to the parents that tried to sign up but were unable to. This has been resolved now. (Mr G, I have put you in for 11.15 as discussed and Mr C 10.20 ) There are still a few other slots available so hopefully we can squeeze everyone in 😉



The children and I spoke today about the kinds of foods they think would be good to donate to a charity. If you would like to make a contribution please bring to class in the morning and these will be taken up to the church for us, so the children don’t need to carry them there.

We hope you will be able to join us for a 2.15 start at Danehill church. All children will need to be collected after the service at the church at 3.15pm.  Any part time children are welcome to stay and walk up with the school at 1.45 or simply meet us there if you would like them to take part. Please let me know in the morning.

The children had a wonderful morning at the church last week as you can see from the pictures and are very excited to sing to you at the service!


A little outing!

Tomorrow (Thursday 5th) we will be visiting the church. Paddy has very kindly offered to show us around, even going up to explore the bell tower. We will spend the morning familiarising ourselves with the church before next Tuesday when we will be attending the Harvest service. Please bring your child to school as usual and we will walk up after register. We will return to school in plenty of time for lunch so please complete the lunch menu as usual.

The service will begin at 2.15pm on Tuesday 10th. I hope all families will be able to join us and any children still attending part time are encouraged to stay on this day too please.

Full days!

Obviously everyday is full 😉 but some of the children will begin attending school for the whole day. Please make sure you complete the lunch menu as usual and please wait outside the blue door at the end of the day (3.15) as you do at the beginning. If you are collecting your child after lunch (1pm) please go to the office as usual. Thank you.

Next Week

Some parents have been wondering about next week and if their child should stay all day. As I haven’t really formally touched base with you all on how the children are getting on, I thought some of you may appreciate a quick chat tomorrow or Thursday relating to this. I hope this will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you would like your child to start full time. If you would like to see me in the morning, please send me an email and we will arrange a convenient time.