If you have any small boxes, tubes, pots, foil containers etc please can you send these in for the children to use in the classroom. Many thanks.


Teddy Bears Picnic

On Wednesday the children will bring home invitations for their bears, inviting them to join us on Thursday for a picnic at the park. Please ensure they remember to bring them on Thursday as well as wearing warm home clothes (non uniform) as a special treat!
If you are able to donate 50 pence towards the cost of their picnic food please hand this to the office any time during the week. Fingers crossed for a little sun at least!!

Parent consultations

Many thanks for changing your appointment with me. I have put up a few dates for after school. If anyone needs to make a later appointment or are unable to make these days please email me and I can set an alternative date with you.
If possible please bring your child to the appointment as we will be discussing their targets.

Appointment times

Please sign up for a parent consultation if you haven’t already done so. We will be discussing their targets, so if they would like to join you it will also give them a chance to show off their work too.
Please look at the date section of the blog for next weeks learning.